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Ambulatory Surgery Centers

2019 5 Top ASC Coding Errors

Coding for Complications in Cataract Surgery

2015 Glaucoma Updates in the ASC

Educational Resources for ASCs

OOSS ASC Benchmarking Thoughts From A Coding Compliance Perspective

Medicare ASC Surgical Coding & Claims Processing Potpourri

Ophthalmic Quality Measure ASC – 14: Unplanned Anterior Vitrectomy and its Relationship to Cataract Surgery

Audits and Compliance

Medical Necessity: Can You Please Define That? Part 1

Medical Necessity: Can You Please Define That? Part 2

Medical Necessity: Can You Please Define That? Part 3

Try This for Medicare Fraud Part 1

Try This for Medicare Fraud Part 2

Try This for Medicare Fraud Part 3

Comparative Billing Reports

Smoothing the Road to Medicare Audits

Coding Isn’t All Black & White


Complex Cataract Surgery: Audit Considerations, Coding & Compliance


Medicare Controversies in Cataract Coding


Corneal Cross Linking Reimbursement & Compliance Update

 Diagnostic Tests


Chart Documentation for Ophthalmic Diagnostic Tests

The Three C’s: Interpretation and Report Requirements for Ophthalmic Diagnostic Testing

Modifiers & Indicators in Ophthalmic Diagnostic Testing: A Compendium

 E/M – Eye Codes

E/M versus Eye Code Part 1

E/M versus Eye Codes_Part 2

E/M versus Eye Codes Part 3

Perils of the Eye Codes



ABN 2017

Examination Form


CyPass Device Removal/Revision: Coding & Reimbursement Challenges

2015 ASC CODING Update for Glaucoma Surgery

Coding for Current Concepts in Glaucoma Surgery

Coding For Complications of MIGS Surgery 2017

A MIGS Compliance Compendium


ICD-10-CM & CPT Changes for 2017

New Uses of the 7th Character in ICD-10-CM Coding

Troubleshooting the 7th Character


2019 Medicare Telehealth Coding Update: When Telehealth Coding Doesn’t Use Telehealth Codes

TELEHEALTH CODING —Medicare Regulations for Ophthalmology

Physician Supervision Conundrums- Incident To Services and Diagnostic Tests

Choosing Sides in Coding

Scribing Signatures and Attestations

CMS Signature Requirements Revision 2017

Medical Necessity The Foundation Of Medicare Physician Payments


Eyelid Reconstruction – A Minicourse Part I

Eyelid Reconstruction – A Minicourse Part II

ASC Surgical Reimbursement for Eyelid Malpositions

Medicare’s New ASC Regulations for Ptosis & Blepharoplasty Surgery


 Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

Chart Documentation for Pediatric Ophthalmology Examinations

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Anterior Segment Surgery by Posterior Segment Surgeons

A Potpourri of Complicated Surgical Cases

Surgical Coding FAQ

Perils of EHR Extended Ophthalmoscopy

Same Day Office Visits & Surgery

Modifier 25 Intravitreal Injections NCCI Bundles Part 1

Coding Reassessment for Complex Retinal Detachment Repair

 Surgery – General

The Global Surgery Package Part 1

The Global Surgery Package Part 2

Surgical Coding Errors and English 101